The Swing Bed Opportunity

One way to reduce overcrowding and readmissions for urban hospitals, and begin to stabilize rural hospitals, is through more effective use of the federal swing bed program – the program designed to facilitate transfers of patients from acute care in urban hospitals to rehab in rural hospitals.

Swing beds have readmission rates less than a third of other skilled nursing options, provide patients with more appropriate care settings, and generate needed revenue for rural hospitals.

But the current process of moving patients to swing beds is inefficient, burdensome, and costly leading to poor outcomes. One large Georgia health system recently reported they could only successfully move 4 out of 88 swing bed candidates in a single month.

The healthcare community has struggled to find viable solutions to this health crisis that tackle both the severe economic challenges for hospitals and the need to improve patient care. The swing bed program offers great potential, but the current system is outdated, inefficient and fails to address the challenges for both patients and hospitals. CCI has created a solution that replaces a 30-year old, fax-based system with a streamlined clinical process supported by HIPAA-compliant software.

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