The CCI Solution

CCI offers rural and urban hospitals a clinical protocol and HIPAA- compliant platform that streamlines the process of identifying, assessing care needs, and transferring patients from urban hospitals to rehabilitative beds in rural hospitals. These transfers bring needed revenue to struggling rural hospitals, while freeing up urban hospital beds for more profitable patients in need…

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The Swing Bed Opportunity

One way to reduce overcrowding and readmissions for urban hospitals, and begin to stabilize rural hospitals, is through more effective use of the federal swing bed program – the program designed to facilitate transfers of patients from acute care in urban hospitals to rehab in rural hospitals. Swing beds have readmission rates less than a…

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America’s Rural Health Crisis

The US is facing a well-documented rural health crisis. Nationally, over a third of rural hospitals are in danger of closing, while urban hospitals are dealing with overcrowding, resulting in less effective care for patients and higher financial penalties. Georgia has been called “ground zero” of this crisis with one of the highest rates of…

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