About CCI


Welcome to CCI

Creating a New Paradigm for Rural Healthcare

Implementation of the CCI program results in:

  • Better outcomes and experiences for patients
  • Alleviated overcrowding and reduced readmissions for tertiary hospitals
  • Generate cost savings for both urban hospitals and the overall healthcare system
  • Increased revenues for rural hospitals

Welcome to CCI

The CCI Process

CCI offers rural and urban hospitals a clinical protocol and HIPAA- compliant platform that streamlines the process of identifying, assessing care needs, and transferring patients from urban hospitals to rehabilitative beds in rural hospitals. These transfers bring needed revenue to struggling rural hospitals, while freeing up urban hospital beds for more profitable patients in need of acute care, all while more patients receive the right care in the right care setting. CCI also brings both rural and urban hospitals onto one network, streamlining inter-hospital communication.

CCI’s proprietary cloud-based, HIPAA compliant communications platform and clinically-based protocol, enables successful transfers to occur faster and more effectively between hospitals. Additional CCI support prevents costly readmissions within the critical 30-day window. This streamlined and economically beneficial process leads to better outcomes for both patients and hospitals.


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