CCI works with rural and urban hospitals to efficiently move patients along the continuum of care, creating sustainable systems which strengthen rural hospitals and address priorities of large hospitals.
Coordinated Care Inc

CCI works with rural hospitals to significantly increase revenues while providing patients with the right level of care at the right time. The CCI process creates sustainable systems which strengthen rural hospitals and the communities they serve.
Rural Hospitals
CCI works with large hospitals to shorten lengths of stay, reduce readmissions, and improve the patient experience.
The CCI process helps hospitals utilize workforce more effectively and increase rural referral range while integrating patients back into their local community of care.
Urban Hospitals
The CCI Solution leads to better experiences and outcomes for patients through enhanced rehabilitation and patient-centered care closer to home while reducing lengths of stay and readmissions.

Patient Outcomes
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America’s Rural Health Crisis

The US is facing a well-documented rural health crisis. Nationally, over a third of rural hospitals are in danger of closing, while urban hospitals are dealing with overcrowding and ballooning readmissions.


The Swing Bed Opportunity

The swing bed program is a federal program that allows post-acute patients to rehabilitate in rural hospitals. The current rural health crisis has led to a renewed focus on swing beds as opportunity to improve patient care and assist in the stabilization of rural hospitals and improving outcomes for urban hospitals.

The CCI Solution

CCI offers rural and urban hospitals a proven clinical protocol and HIPAA-compliant platform that streamlines the process of identifying, assessing care needs, and transferring patients. The result is improved outcomes and increased savings and revenue. The CCI solution works within existing workflows reducing workloads.

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Welcome to CCI

CCI is Creating a New Paradigm for Rural Healthcare

Implementation of the CCI program results in better outcomes for patients, increased revenues for rural hospitals, reduced costs and alleviated overcrowding for urban hospitals, and lowered total costs for the healthcare system.


The Number of Rural Hospitals at Risk of Closing


The Number of Hospitals That Will Face Readmission Penalties in 2019


Rural Hospitals Closed Since 2010


Average Annual Savings Per Urban Hospital
“It is exciting to see a logical financially viable solution. Time is of the essence not only for the hospital but for the patient and their families.”


- Former Head of GA State Office of Rural Health

"This is the type of disruptive HIT (health IT) we need in rural (health)."


- National Rural Health Leader

"This will give us the lifeline we desperately need."


- Rural Hospital CEO

"I look forward to seeing it action. This could really help our patients while at the same time increasing our ability to take care of even more people."


- CMO of Large Urban Health System

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